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2012-02-02 12:08:12
In January of 2012, we signed a contract for the installation of high-voltage systems in a new commercial and office building which shall house the new head office of the Allegro Group.

This building, named PIXEL shall be one of the five in a complex of modern office buildings called Klaster Grunwaldzka, located in Poznań. The total surface area of this investment shall be 50 thousand square metres.

The structure which is currently under construction will have a total area of 33 thousand square metres and accommodate approximately 1200 persons.

This office building shall be completely ecological, featuring toilets flushed with rain water or obligatory segregation of wastes. Half of the usable area shall be rented out Allegro to other businesses and apart from that, the object will house a nursery, a kindergarten and a restaurant. The outstanding features of this project include green terraces and roof tea gardens.

The three sublevels shall be nearly equal to the seven overground storeys in terms of surface area. The outline of the underground parking complex extends far beyond the wall outline of the superstructure.
As commissioned by BUDIMEX S.A., the general contractor, we shall build the complete high-voltage mains system, including but not limited to: MV power supply, lighting systems, the internal power supply line and 0.4 kV main switchgears.

Our share in the project value will amount to nearly 4.8 million PLN.

Below the visualization of the Pixel building in Poznań
Investor: Garvest Real Estate
Project: JEMS Architekci




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