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2012-01-13 10:32:00
In December of 2011 we signed a contract for the reconstruction of Hotel Haston in Wrocław

Haston City Hotel is a luxury business-class hotel establishment located at the main roadway to Poznań and near the mid-town ring road. The hotel is currently undergoing works intended to extent the facility with a banquet and conference wing and a connection hallway.

The structure being built will have 2300 sq.m. of surface area with seven multi-purpose rooms furnished with modern audio-visual equipment. The facility shall feature a complete low-voltage mains systems, air-conditioning and multimedia devices. The centre will accommodate from 60 to 600 persons.

As commissioned by AWBUD, the general contractor, our company shall build the complete electrical and teletechnical systems, including external networks, cable routes and ducts, 0.4 kV mains system, lighting systems, regular and DATA power outlets, lighting arrestor systems, fire alarm signalling systems, intrusion monitoring and CCTV.

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