Elektromontaż Poznań is one of Poland's oldest electrical systems supplier.

2000 and onwards
New know-how and financial resources became available thanks to privatisation.
Restructuring assignments which aimed at upgrading corporate operating procedures and adapting Elektromontaż entirely to the market demands of today. We launched a corporate structural rearrangement which has proved efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, a new service distribution system has been implemented.
A representative office was established in Russia in 2004, after receiving an official certificate of permission. Additionally, a labour quota was granted in Germany. We are now able to perform electrical services in the two countries independently.

Despite considerable restructuring, continuous development was never halted.
On the contrary, a number of projects were implemented during that time, both for national and international clients. Elektromontaż was privatised in 1999, which should be considered a key point in our corporate growth. A 51% share of the new company was taken by a consortium of Citibank Handlowy and Budimex, with 49% remaining in the possession of the Polish Government.
1970s & 80s
We continued to solidify our position in north-western
Poland. The projects we were involved in include the following: Cegielski Poznań, Wiepofama, Poznań Roll Bearings Manufacturing Co., Pomet, Stilon Gorzów, Ursus Gorzów, Zastal Zielona Góra, Elana Toruń, and Police Chemicals Co. The 70s brought about an expansion of Elektromontaż to the markets of the Middle and Far East, Africa, and to Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia (then the Soviet Union).

Workshops, warehouses, equipment storage facilities, and offices were established at Ul. Wieruszowska in Poznań. Elektromontaż offices are located there to date.
The Company took a leading position in industrial electrical applications.
Elektromontaż contributed to major development projects in the region.

A decade later and Elektromontaż had become an independent enterprise.

The Poznań division of Wrocław Electrical Works United was established.
The company was assigned the task of providing electrical services at industrial constructions in the Poznań and Zielona Góra regions.
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