Individualists, self-starters, and professionals will always be welcome and appreciated at Elektromontaż.

We have implemented a number of sophisticated motivational tools, both financial and non-financial, to ensure that each member of the staff can be noticed and appreciated accordingly. A generous system of bonuses and benefits has been worked out, including the CEO Monthly Prize for the employees whose activities during the preceding month exceeded their regular assignments, which have brought extraordinary benefit to the Company.

Efficient and effective internal communication is crucial for Elektromontaż. The information flow is of the utmost importance for the development of the working environment, and employee satisfaction. Elektromontaż publishes a regular quarterly, complete with a weekly electronic bulletin. An Intranet is being developed. Meetings are held regularly, attended by the Board and the employees.We realise that the Company will only develop as dynamically as the staff are motivated.

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