The Elektromontaż recruitment scheme has been implemented to ensure that only the best of the best can join our team. This way, we ensure that the excellent working environment is suffused with team spirit.

The recruitment procedure is composed of the following four stages:
  • the candidate's CV and motivational letter can be sent by mail of by using the Internet form. Please keep in mind that the clause agreeing to the use of your data for recruitment purposes must be enclosed.
  • the applications undergo a selection process. We read all of them, and subject the applicants’ data to our requirements scheme.
  • job interviews are carried out with the selected candidates, providing us with an outstanding opportunity to get to know each other, and ask each other questions.
  • the candidate is selected. A series of interviews is followed by the final choice of a candidate, who if they accept the terms of the job, is sent a letter of intent. According to the Labour Act, each candidate must undergo the relevant medical examination and work safety training before the employment contract is signed.
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